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Industry Focus

Based on the condition, characteristic and potential of Batam as an industrial area, BP Batam keeps adjusting the direction of appropriate and export oriented as well as high economic value industry development.

The steps taken by BP Batam to accelerate the wheels of Batam industry are more focused on the manufacturing industry. This can be seen since the early development of Batam, the manufacturing industry has become the main pillar of the economy. The types of manufacturing industry developed include: Electronic & electricity, medical equipment; Industrial machinery, construction, shipbuilding and oil & gas equipment; Computer software, network, information and communications technology service and equipment; Semiconductor and other electronic component; motor vehicle and spare parts.

Besides the manufacturing industry, Batam also focuses on developing the service industry as one of the potential industries in accelerating the development of Batam. The types of service industry which will be developed include: Logistics, Tourism, Maintenance Repair Overhaul, Healthcare, Education and Finance.


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Emergency Numbers

Nomor telepon Pemadam Kebakaran

PBK Batu Ampar

PBK Duriangkang

PBK Sekupang

PBK Sagulung

PBK Sei Panas

Nomor Telepon RS BP Batam

Fire Department phone number

Batu Ampar Fire Prevention Center

Duriangkang Fire Prevention Center

Sekupang Fire Prevention Center

Sagulung Fire Prevention Center

Sei Panas Fire Prevention Center

BP Batam Hospital Phone Number