Industry Focus

Based on the conditions, characteristics and potential of Batam as an industrial area, BP Batam continues to fine-tune the direction of industrial development that is suitable and export oriented and possesses high economic value.

The steps taken by BP Batam to accelerate the development of Batam industry are more focused on the manufacturing industry. This can be seen from the early development of Batam, with the manufacturing industry becoming the main pillar of the economy. The types of manufacturing industriy developed include: Electronics & electricity, medical equipment; Industrial machinery, construction, shipbuilding, and oil & gas equipment; Computer software, network, information and communications technology services, and equipment; Semiconductor and other electronic components; motor vehicles and spare parts.

Apart from the manufacturing industries, Batam also focuses on developing the service industry as one of the potential industries for development in Batam. The types of service industries which will be developed include: Logistics, Tourism, Maintenance Repair Overhaul, Healthcare, Education, and Finance.

Batam keeps striving to make the industrial sector the main engine of national economic growth in general and of Batam in particular.


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Emergency Numbers

Nomor telepon Pemadam Kebakaran

PBK Batu Ampar

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Fire Department phone number

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