Labor Data of Batam up to April 2020
Indonesian Citizens
Riau Islands Labor And Transmigration Office Registered Companies Batam City Labor Regional Technical Implementation Unit According to cumpolsury company report

From 2013 to September 2020

Source: Disnaker Kepri (Riau Islands Department of Labor) 2020

BPJS (Social Security Agency) Healthcare

BPJS Healthcare Registration Procedure

1. Registration Procedure for Business Entity (BU) Workers in JKN (National Health Insurance) – KIS (Healthy Indonesia Card) Program
2. Registration Procedure for Chiefs of Village and Village Officials (KP Desa)
3. Registration Procedure for Regional House of Representatives and Non – State Official Government Employees
4. Registration Procedure for Wage Recipient Workers of State Administrator (PPU-PN) – PPU-PN consists of State Officials, Central / Regional Civil Servants, Central / Regional Second Tier Civil Servants, Soldiers, National Police, Civil Officers, and Police Officials. Collective registration by the Work Unit is prioritized. Registration can also be done individually.
5. Registration Procedure for Health Insurance Premium Aid Recipients
6. Registration Procedure for Participant Resident Registered by Local Government
7. Registration Procedure for Non-Wage Recipient Worker (PBPU) and Non-Employee (BP) Participants

Make sure to prepare:

  • Family Card (KK)
  • Selected Primary Health Care Facility
  • Active email and phone number
  • Front page of savings account book (for premium autodebit registration)
  • Passport, permanent / temporary resident permit, limited stay visa number, work permit for foreigners


Labor Social Security Data

Social Security Labor (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) Registration,

Labor participant in work relations

  • Original and copy of Business License (SIUP)
  • Original and copy of Company Tax Identification Number
  • Original and copy of Articles of Association
  • Copy of each employee’s Identification Card (KTP)
  •  Copy of each employee’s Family Card (KK)
  • 1 of each employee’s 2 x 3 colored pass photo

A company can register its employees as Labor Social Security participants through the website of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan at the website

Some of the benefit programs provided by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan include the following: Work Accident Security Program or JKK, Old Age Security or JHT program, Death Security or JKM program, and Health Care Security or JPK program.

Through these programs, it is hoped that the workers will have economic and social welfare and the workers can minimize the risk caused by unwanted events or in their old age, and entering retirement age.


3. Super Deductible Tax, Tax Incentive for labor development

Tax incentives provided by the government to industries involved in vocational education programs (including innovation-generating research and development activities)

Finance Minister Regulation No. 128/PMK.010/2019

Regulates the following:

  1. 200% maximum tax deduction
  2. Categories which obtain deductions
  3. Types of intern or learning activities
  4. Participants of field practice or internship
  5. Technique of tax deduction

In Government Regulation No. 45 Year 2018, there are two points of incentive:

Article 29B section (1) reads: Domestic corporate Taxpayer who organizes field practice, internship, and/or learning activities in relation to training and developing specific competency based human resources can be granted a gross income deduction of 200% (two hundred percent) maximum of the total expense incurred in field practice, internship, and/or learning activities.

Article 29C section (1) reads: Domestic corporate taxpayers carrying out research and development activities in Indonesia can be granted a gross income deduction of 300% (three hundred percent) maximum of the total cost incurred for certain research and development activities charged within a certain period in Indonesia.

The ministry of industry has stated that export oriented companies will obtain income tax cut.

Tax cuts will also apply to companies which perform import substitution. The tax cut is granted in the form of a tax holiday (tax incentive which applies to newly established companies to have the liberty to pay their corporate income taxes within a certain period of time) and tax allowance (tax reduction calculated based on the size of the total amount of investment).



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