Electricity and Road

Information about electricity and road infrastructure in Batam City

Clean Water

Information about clean water supply, location of reservoir in Batam City, covering total volume, design capacity, installed, and operational capacity.

Gas and Telecommunication

Information about gas and telecommunication in Batam, including phone and internet capacity.


Information about ports in Batam


Information about airports in Batam

Barelang Bridge

Location map of Barelang Bridge

Public and Social Facilities

Transportation, bank, shopping, insurance, health, education, place of worship, and fitness

Emergency Numbers

Nomor telepon Pemadam Kebakaran

PBK Batu Ampar

PBK Duriangkang

PBK Sekupang

PBK Sagulung

PBK Sei Panas

Nomor Telepon RS BP Batam

Fire Department phone number

Batu Ampar Fire Prevention Center

Duriangkang Fire Prevention Center

Sekupang Fire Prevention Center

Sagulung Fire Prevention Center

Sei Panas Fire Prevention Center

BP Batam Hospital Phone Number