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E-Book (on Investment in Batam)

Latest Publications

Contains details of the costs of doing business in the city of Batam

Cost of Doing Business In Batam

Cost of Doing Business In Batam
(Chinese version)

Batam Industrial Estate

Marine and Shipyard

Batam Industrial Estate

Cost of Doing Business In Batam

Development Process of Batam

Contains year to year detailed development process of Batam City.

2019 Year

2017 Year

2016 Year

2015 Year

2014 Year

2013 Year

Batam Report & Port Business Entity Bulletin

Contains news and information about the city of Batam

Batam Port Vol. IV 2020

Batam Port Vol. I 2021

Vol 2 - Jun 2020

Vol 3 - Oct 2020

Vol 4 - Dec 2020

Edition 25 of 2020

Edition 26 Year 2020

Edition 27 of 2020


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Emergency Numbers

Nomor telepon Pemadam Kebakaran

PBK Batu Ampar

PBK Duriangkang

PBK Sekupang

PBK Sagulung

PBK Sei Panas

Nomor Telepon RS BP Batam

Fire Department phone number

Batu Ampar Fire Prevention Center

Duriangkang Fire Prevention Center

Sekupang Fire Prevention Center

Sagulung Fire Prevention Center

Sei Panas Fire Prevention Center

BP Batam Hospital Phone Number