BP Batam Hospital Signals an Improving Healthcare System in Indonesia

BP Batam Hospital was recently awarded the Advanced Level Referral Facility (FKRTL) award with the rating of highest-quality bridging-queuing system for the first quarter of 2022 from the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS).

The award was given for BP Batam Hospital in providing health services for those registered in the National Health Insurance-Healthy Indonesia Card (JKN-KIS) by the implementation of the bridging system. It is a technological facility or web service between the BPJS Health Management Information System (SIM) and the Hospital SIM. In accordance with the mandate of the chairman of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi, it was implemented so that the hospital can prioritize and continue to provide the best service to the community.

BPJS is part of an institution tasked with administering health and employment insurance for Indonesia. Its inception was in 2014 under the legal basis of Law Number 24 of 2011. BPJS has the authority to provide social security in the form of health and employment.

One of the services provided by BPJS, the National Health Insurance (JKN), is implemented via an insurance system, in which the public is required to pay small contributions as savings for their treatment costs if they get sick in the future.

“Companies also have an obligation to maintain the health of their workers, because poor health of course will interfere with productivity,” Rudi said, while reiterating the importance of having health insurance for the future.

His belief is echoed by the chairman of BP Batam, director of BP Batam Hospital, Dr. Afdhalun A. Hakim, who promised that his team will further improve quality by digitizing services, such as registration, polyclinics, laboratories and radiology, so that they can be fast and accurate. “Not only does it have good services, BP Batam hospital has excellent services, such as cardio cerebrovascular, trauma center and oncology,” said Afdhalun.


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