BP Batam Opens Its Doors For Collaboration in Renewable Energy Sector

According to the United States Environmental Protection Energy, carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by fossil fuel and industrial processes contributes to 65 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by human activity. Countries around the world are working together to limit the global usage of renewable energy in a bid to combat climate change.

In response, the Group of 20 presidency of Indonesia calls for accelerating the global transition to clean energy by pushing the B20, the G20 dialog forum with the business community, to participate. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has said that Indonesia would reach net-zero emissions by 2060.

The city of Batam, Riau Islands, takes this issue into account by implementing new energy and renewable energy at the Batam Indonesia. Chairman of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi, said BP Batam fully supported government programs geared toward sustainable development and renewable energy.

To do so, BP Batam is opening its arms to investments in the new and renewable energy (NRE) sector. For example, BP Batam is offering a project to repurpose existing reservoirs in Batam to build floating photovoltaic plants (FPV). These reservoirs include the Duriangkang reservoir (2,340 hectares) and the Tembesi reservoir (842 ha). Both reservoirs have the potential to generate 2 gigawatts (GW) of power.

The Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) assesses that energy exports from Indonesia to the Singaporean market can potentially become a new source of foreign exchange in the energy sector. Batam’s consumer base consists mainly of industry, making it an attraction for renewable energy. It also has an energy distribution network to Bintan Island and the surrounding islands included in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

“BP Batam is very open to hearing various offers of renewable energy investments from any potential investors. Let’s work together to build Batam through renewable energy investments for a better future,” said public relations, promotion and protocol bureau head Ariastuty Sirait.

BP Batam is a government agency established by Government Regulation No. 46/2007 with the authority to manage, grow and develop zones in Batam. Hopefully, Batam will be able to enter a new era of new and renewable energy.


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