Business Unit

Facility and Environment Business Entities

Information on the facilities and environmental business entities in Batam, covering housing, building, agribusiness, parks, water and waste

BP Batam Hospital Business Entity

BP Batam Hospital services fees

Port Business Entity

Port business entities in Batam covering passenger and cargo ports

Airport and ICT Business Entities

Business entities in Batam covering airport, information and communications technology

Emergency Numbers

Nomor telepon Pemadam Kebakaran

PBK Batu Ampar

PBK Duriangkang

PBK Sekupang

PBK Sagulung

PBK Sei Panas

Nomor Telepon RS BP Batam

Fire Department phone number

Batu Ampar Fire Prevention Center

Duriangkang Fire Prevention Center

Sekupang Fire Prevention Center

Sagulung Fire Prevention Center

Sei Panas Fire Prevention Center

BP Batam Hospital Phone Number