Tourism Destination

Batam is an island with millions of opportunity for various sectors. One that cannot be missed is the sector of tourism.

Tourists can experience the beautiful nature of Batam Island and all sorts of tourism advantages, be it in tourism visit or for business need, which certainly comes with various facilities for convenience because Batam Island is a Free Trade and Free Port Zone.

Batam is an island within Riau Archipelago, located west of Bintan Island and south of Singapore. As a part of an archipelago, Batam undoubtedly possess diverse beautiful nature to be enjoyed by anyone visiting Batam. Take pleasure in the beauty of its resorts, ocean, beach, and golf courses during your stay in Batam.

As a Free Trade and Free Port Zone, Batam can be one of the tourism destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. By taking advantage of the various conveniences and facilities in Batam, tourists can enjoy various Batam tourism destinations easily.

As an island surrounded by sea, resort becomes one of the popular destinations in Batam Island. There are all kinds of resorts with diverse natural beauty of the sea that can be enjoyed by tourists.

Besides resorts, Batam Island offers other destinations, such as amazing view of the beach, especially if visited in certain time, such as during sunrise and sunset.

For tourists who want to feel the sensation of playing golf on Batam Island, there are many golf courses with adequate facilities. Visitors can experience the sensation of solely playing golf or playing golf while having business meetings and others in Batam Island.

When tourists visit Batam, there are certainly destinations that shouldn’t be missed, such as the Barelang Bridge, Ocarina Mega Tourism Area, Sekupang Deer Park, Batam Welcome Area, the Marina Agrotourism Area, and many other interesting tourist destinations in Batam Island.


Other Information

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Nomor telepon Pemadam Kebakaran

PBK Batu Ampar

PBK Duriangkang

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PBK Sagulung

PBK Sei Panas

Nomor Telepon RS BP Batam

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Batu Ampar Fire Prevention Center

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Sei Panas Fire Prevention Center

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